Thar, a beautiful place for tourists

By: Partab Mukhi

MITHI Aug 15: A lot of tourists along with their families visited Thar and enjoyed on Independence day, 14 August. Most of them love to visit Gadi Bhit Mithi and Karoonjhar mountain Nagarparkar. In order to bring a positive change in there lives, local residents and farmers of Thar have started developing farmland in their respective areas after the recent rains. They are busy carrying out the development work with the help of camels and donkeys. Many areas of Thar have been covered into scenic picnic point. Tharparkar is a beautiful desert region full of natural beauty.Thousands of local tourists visit Gadi Bhit, Naukot Qila, Karoonjhar mountain,Ghori Mandir, Bodesar Mosque,Sant Nenuram Ashram Islamkot and village of Marvi Bhalwa.
Partab Mukhi