Pak Shaheen Boxing Club triumphed historical supremacy in Junior Girls Boxing Combats

KARACHI Feb 29: The Sindh Junior Sports Association in collaboration with Karachi West Boxing Association has organized All Karachi Junior Boxing Tournament under the sponsorship of SAARC Autos. This event was also integrated with the Junior Girls Boxing Combats. The Gold Medals of those all girls bouts were triumphed by the junior girls pugilists of Pak Shaheen Boxing Club and placed their club at the first position and recorded an unforgettable historical landmark on the highway in the vicinity of Women Boxing. Prizes and the Commendation Certificates were awarded to the pugilists by Syed Waqar Ahmed, MD., SAARC Autos, accompanying with the familiar International Referee Judge & Olympian Technical Delegate Ali Akbar Shah. The prize distribution ceremony was also attended by Muhammad Hussain Qambrani, the President of Pak Shaheen Boxing Club, Lyari, Chief Coach Younus Qambrani, Assistant Coach Nadir Kutchi and the former Gold Medalist and the renowned international boxer Abdul Majeed Qambrani who is also the Special Coordinator of Pak Shaheen Boxing Club. Arena discipline of the tournament was maintained by Majid Brohi of Karachi West Boxing Association and his team. The proceeding of this tournament was covered by the team of internationally renowned media Reuters News as well as by Ishaq Baloch the journalist of the national newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt. Live performance of these bouts was filmed by the well known national TV Channel “K 21 Tv”.