Ali Raza; Pakistan’s unrecorded world record holder

By:  Parvez Jamil

Imagine the then three-year old kid, Ali Raza from Karachi, Pakistan, affected and inflicted helplessly by polio, pursuing his passion with exemplary vim, vigor and vitality to be number one in body-building and almost turning it into dream-come true reality by at least being unrecorded world recorder holder as an incapacitated body-builder!
Seeing is believing how miraculously Ali Raza performs the next to impossible sweating and pulsating with spell-binding and mesmerizing, stunning and scintillating, irresistible and unbelievable countless push-ups in no time all with feet in the air and not touching the ground vying and vowing for the deserving world record!
He is working hard to train himself for the Guinness World Record of maximum stand pushups. In fact, he already holds the world record in this connection. The Guinness world record for maximum pushups is by an Armenian citizen who was able to perform 27 pushups. On the other hand Ali Raza can perform 35 stand pushups in just one minute.
Despite the unmerited treatment meted out to Ali Raza, he remains a model of a rare national piety, simplicity and honesty and depicts a picture of being so able, noble, humble and gentle in advocating his cause for a thoroughly deserving world honor which he can perform on the spur of the moment to prove him the world best indeed!
What are the criteria of meeting the standards of the Guinness book of world record? A question to be pondered by concerned international rating authorities and to be followed up by concerned fellow Pakistanis as Ali Raza seeks support so that he may win the title of Guinness world record and bring laurels to our country.