Women ask for protection from influential police officers, protest against fake cases

By: Sawan Khaskheli

BADIN May 16: Women, resident of Union council Khalifo Qasim held protest against Badin Police and alleged the police for illegal arrestment of their relatives in false and fabricated cases. Addressing the press conference, Inaetan Buledi, Siyani Buledi, Farzana Buledi, Shaheen Buledi, Sabhal Buledi and others told that police officers including Jevan Khan Buledi, accompanied with Hidayat Buledi and Hassan Buledi have occupied our survey land forcibly in union council Khalifo Qasim.

They said  that the these mentioned police officers, eight days earlier, entered their homes and forcibly handed over unlawful weapons in the hands of our guiltless relatives including Ghulam Murtaza Buledi, Saleem Buledi, Punhoo Buledi while lodging false and fabricated cases over them, forcibly arrested them and made them disappeared. They added that no any once apprise us about our relatives and we went to Badin Thana to apprise the situation to police high ups but police didn’t listen to us.

Furthermore, they said that police influential officers, Jevan Buledi is threaten us for hard consequences. Protesting women expressed their concern over the alleged arrest of their relatives and showed their uncertainty for fake police encounter of their relatives. They appealed to Chief Minister Sindh and Chief justice High court Sindh to take immediate notice of the incident and request for legal punishment of involved police officers.