The civil society demands formation of Thar Development Authority

CHACHRO Apr. 06: Complete immunization of Thari children and women, package of jobs for Thari youth, policies of; Thar land grant, drought mitigation, Thar coal resettlement be finalized along formation of Thar Development Authority (TDA) demanded by Thari people in a monthly event of People’s Voice organized here outside of press club Chachro by AWARE.

Senior citizen and social activist Gotam Rathi said that in Tharparkar, Govt claims that 63% children are vaccinated but a recent survey shows that only 17% children are vaccinated, so it is evident children will be affected by common diseases and in area morbidity and mortality ratio will increase. He demanded for taking measures of proper vaccination and taking other preventative care measure to save the Thari children and mothers on priority basis. Political decisions about Thar are being taken without getting consent of indigenous people and in the result exploitation of rights is common, Rathi added.

Social activist Fatima Sand shared that after participation the social fabric of villages in Thar was badly affected and due to that in the result of minor issues, communities fight within and set the peace and pluralism of Thar on stake. She emphasized to get reorganized communities at local level by keeping in view the current needs otherwise so called politicians will divide more and rule on Thari people.

Mohammad Sharif Rahimoo shared that Thar is facing multidimensional issues at the same time, so there is need to look into situation with a new approach otherwise meeting the issues by distribution of free wheat in drought hit Tharis will not make any countable result.

Journalist Niaz Samejo added that it should be noted that Thari people never found begging before 80s but due to consequent droughts and negligence, people of Thar had been forced to compromise on self-esteem and pride and now begging in Thar is common in different shapes. We demand for providing opportunities to Thari people as they can earn with pride.

Kewal Manghwar said that, there is need for chalking out a plan for Thari youth to give jobs in public sector but should not be only for kin and kith of elected representatives but should be on merit.

Researcher and social activist Ali Akbar Rahimoo said that Thar is passing through and process of rapid change due to; climate change, frequent droughts, economy shift and interventions made by Multi National Companies (MNCs) in area for exploiting the mineral resources but there is no one taking into account the rights and future of indigenous people. He called upon all authorities concerned to look into matters of; Thar land grant policy, drought mitigation policy, Thar Development Authority (TDA) formation bill and Thar coal resettlement policy because these are major area of concern for thousand of people of Thar. Mega projects in Thar are mainly for facilitating the private companies not the Thari people because the need and priority is different from each other, he added.

Sajida Sand, Ali Mohammad Samejo, Akhtar Parvez Rahimoo, Anwar Ali Bajeer, Ex Nazim Arbab Anwar, Ex Tehsil Nazim Dilawar Malkani and Qamarudin Rahimoo and others shared their views on the occasion.