Shikarpur Police finalize foolproof security plan for Chehlum

By our correspondent

SHIKARPUR Nov 19: Shikarpur Police finalized the plan to ensure foolproof security during the Chehlum here on Saturday.

According to an official, SSP Shikarpur Umar Tufail directed all SDPOs and SHOs to make effective security arrangements for Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain [AS], and ensure effective monitoring of the main procession and other congregations while a close vigilance would be kept on the mourning procession proceeding specified place after passing designated routes which will be completely sealed.

At least 25 police pickets at all the entry and the exit points adjoining with bordering districts and Katcha area have been established being manned round the clock.

Besides, snap checking has been enhanced at every nook & corner of the district to cope any nefarious designs.

In this regard, SSP held meeting with all Ulema of all Schools of thought urged them foster peace and amity and inter-faith harmony while there is a heavy responsibility on Ulema and Mashaikh to play their key role in ensuing Islamic brotherhood and law and order during Chehlum while sentiments of love, harmony and tolerance should be promoted from pulpit.

On the occasion, SSP urged all Ulemas of every sect and Zakreens’ bound not to deliver any fiery speech to avoid provocation of any sect.

During the meeting, they all lauded the efforts of SSP Umar Tufail in bringing peace in the district, said police official.