Seminar held to prepare position paper for media ethics

By:Sawan Khaskheli

BADIN May 27: The Secretariat of Pakistan Coalition for ethical journalism has held a seminar on “Developing Consensus on code of conduct, promoting ethical journalism in Pakistan” at Gym Khana Badin on Thursday and was participated by noted journalists and members of civil societies. On the occasion, Ms. Shabana Arif, Director, Rozan and Ms. Saedia, Program Manager, Rozan said that thousands newspapers and news channels are registered under the PEMRA ordinance but yet there no any ethics of the journalism has been made fixed. They said that journalists are working for the collective benefits of the nation but they themselves are unprotected and ignored by the National & provincial Govt. While reporting the truth, he faced many challenges and threats by powerful elements, they added. Adding more they said that Rozan, The Secretariat of Pakistan Coalition for ethical journalism wish to bring the journalists at district level in the part of the discussion to make position paper of media ethics. On the occasion, participating journalists, shared their genuine issues even that threats of their lives.