Provinces face several issues due to poor planning: Dr. Fehmida Mirza

By our correspondent
BADIN Dec 17: The people of provinces were facing severe water shortage & prolonged power outage and other severe issues because of poor planning and corruption of the inept federal Govt rulers.

These views were expressed by former Speaker of National Assembly MNA, Dr. Fehmida Mirza while talking with The Sindh Times on the other day here at Badin.

She maintained that public problems were being raised at the superior house of the country as concerned federal ministers would be assisted to resolve the issues adding she deplored that concerned Federal ministers were absent in the assembly sessions and keep no interest in the mass’s matters .

Adding she told that small growers of the tail-end were being deprived of their due share of the water even drinking water was not available consequently domestic animals wildlife were being perished and growers were compelled to protest along with their pet-animals which was very disappointing situation for Govt.

Dr. Fehmida Mirza deplored over the impotent of the present federal assembly because of members were raising the issues of their constituencies and ministers seem absent showing their irresponsibility toward the public.

Moreover, she said that such prevailing situation would prove as perilous and frail for the democracy. District Badin was rich with natural resources like gas, oil and petrol but because of erroneous policies residents of her constituencies were compelled to survive their lives below the line of poverty, she added.

Dr. Fehmida Mirza warned that Federal Govt for the public protest against the several issues of her constituencies if Govt fails to resolve the public issues on prior.