PPP leaders have deprived the poor people of their basic rights: Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh

By: Waheed Phulpoto

SHIKARPUR October 17: MPA Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, the central leader of Pakistan Muslim league Functional (PML-F) and the Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Pakistan held a press conference at New Shaikh House Shikarpur on Thursday late evening, has accused the PPP rulers for depriving the people of their basic fundamental, democratic and constitutional rights on one side and on the other side the PPP government did nothing would for well being of the masses and due to its bad governance and sick services the people of the province were badly facing the unbearable problems including lawlessness, corruption, unemployment’s, price hike, sanitation, drainage, health and educational sick services which caused to create the troubled and unfavorable situations for Pakistan People Party (PPP) to achieve the massive support in coming local government elections scheduled to be held on 31st October 2015.

Besides the PPP was distributed in 6-7 groups in city and the district and party tickets were issued to the favorites workers on the recommendation and choice of every group leaders on the basis of quota system allocated for groups while avoiding the most senior and capable party workers which caused to create the difficulties and confusion for party workers and the PPP supporting people to decide for casting their votes to the PPP ticket holder candidates, Mr Shaikh added.
The PML-F leader has claimed for great victory of his party in local government elections with major support of the voters in all 30 wards in city Shikarpur as well as in district Shikarpur when the PPP would be badly defeated in LG Elections due its wrong and confusional decisions made against the interests of the party workers and the democratic minded people.
Imtiaz demanded of the high-ups to deployment Pakistan Army and Rangers in Local Government (LG) Elections for free and fair elections for larger interest of people.
Faraz Imtiaz Shaikh, Ghulam Mustafa Bhutto, Sadaruddin Shaikh, Manzoor Baloch, Jameel Shaikh, Javeed Shaikh and other were also present on the occasion