Nationalists failed to provide alternate leadership: SNP

Report: Abbas Kassar

HYDERABAD Apr. 10: Sindh National Party has said that fast and furious entry of Tehrik Insaf in Sindh politics was danger bell for MQM and PPP and the by election result of NA 246 Karachi will prove whether MQM and PPP have real or fake mandate. This was stated by Amir Bhambro Chairman, Ashraf Noonari senior leader and others of SNP in a joint statement here.

They said the people of Sindh  were restive to get rid of PPP and MQM Mafias. They since last 40 years PPP in name of Shaheeds and MQM under gunpoint have been taking votes from people of Sindh and remained in power since but have nothing for people and looted Sindh under name of reconciliation. As people were weary of both parties and also nationalists had failed to provide alternate leadership.

They said the nationalist parties had to do what  Imran was doing.They said  they had not come up to nation’s expectations. They said Sindh National Party was the lone party that had called sindhis to Karachi to settle there. They claimed that the National Party will arrange their jobs.