Murder of Sabeen Mehmood is to crush the voice of common people: Intellectuals


By: Kaleem Butt

HYDERABAD May 04: The intellectuals of Sindh including Mustafa Baloch, Mushtaq Meerani, Amar Sindhu, Irfana Mallah, Comrade Bakshal Thalo, Sabnam Baloch and others while paying tribute to dead social activist Sabeen Mehmood here on Sunday at Sindh Museum, Hyderabad in a program organized by Women’s Action Forum (WAF) have said that murder of Sabeen Mehmood is to crush the voice of common people, even today facist forces have not learned the lesson from histroy, talking about Sabeen Mehmood is to talk about oppressed people of the country.
They said that this state is facing endless problems including terrorism and religious extremism. The main reason behind Sabeen’s murder is to oppress the voice of Balochistan. The state actors want to create a layer of fear amongst people, so they may gain their vested interests.
They further said that since 1992,  56 journalists have been killed in Pakistan, and it is considered as a though soil.
They said that on one hand their is state terrorism in Balochistan and on the other side the mainstream media and human rights activists remain silent on that issue, this is not a murder of one person but of secular ideology.
They demanded that Sabeen’s murderers should be arrested immediately and should be punished severely.