Millions are being wasted in sub-standard roads construction in Hyderabad

By: Abbas Kassar

HYDERABAD July 26:Funds worth millions received from Sindh government have been wasted and pocketed by officers of Works and Services department engineers and officers concerned in making sub standard roads in Hyderabad district. On main road on both sides of Wadhu Wah stone boulders have been laid to make road instead of stone metal. According to estimate stone metal from Shah Nihal query was to be used but the boulders bigger than size have been used from hills other than Shaha Nihal (Ganjo Takar).From Shahbaz chowk the left side of Wadhu wah has been abandoned after making Katcha since last three weeks and might be washed out in first shower of summer so that more funds could be demanded and wasted on corruption. Ironic aspect of this is that was that neither executive/assistant engineer or technical staff of highways is seen on the site where inferior work of road making is being carried out. The superintending engineer and executive engineer are not seen in their offices either so a reporter can take can get comments from them. The clerical staff told that both SE and XEN are front meninfluential politicians who are now out of country. Even deputy commissioner Hyderabad could not be accessible to complain him of the inferior road works on which millions are shown spent out of taxes that public pays. Seems that NAB and Anti Corruption are less concerned on wastage of millions on sub standard roads.