Labaik Ya-Rasool-Ullah [PBUH] conference held in Shikarpur

By our correspondents 

SHIKARPUR Jan 16: Labaik Ya-Rasool-Ullah [PBUH] conference organized by Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Shikarpur chapter, at Lakhi Dar Shikarpur, here on late other day.
Syed Asif Ali Shah, chaired the conference while Muhammad Khalid Sultan Qadri, Mian Abdul Baqi, Moulana Shafique Ahmed Qadri, Noor Ahmed Qasmi, the leader of Sunni Tehreek, Khalid Hussain Attari, Allama Habib Ahmed Qadri and others participated in the conference.
Speaking on the occasion, leaders highlighted on the life of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa [PBUH] and urged the people to take path of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa [PBUH] hence the left path of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa [PBUH] is the path to salvation.
A large number workers and people attended the conference.