Laar Museum and Haji Ahmed Mallah Library deprive od 17 months salary


BADIN Feb 14: Survival of our families was on the risk as we deprived of our salaries since last of seventeenth month. The provincial culture and Tourism Department Sindh has adopted the Laar Museum and Haji Ahmed Mallah Library since last many months but its employees were being deprived of their salaries.

These views were expressed by the employees of the Laar Museum and Haji Ahmed Mallah Library on other day while protesting outside of the Badin Press Club.

While talking with local journalists of Badin employees of Laar Museum and Haji Mallah Library expressed that they were being deprived of their salaries since last seventeenth months and their families were facing many difficulties for their survival.

“Despite of the several times assurance by district administration, our families and children were suffering severe problems because non-disbursement of our salaries” they added.

Employees of Laar Museum & Molvi Haji Ahmed Mallah Library Badin including Kareem Bux, Allah Jurio Shaikh, Muhammad Ali Mallah, Irshad and others while protesting demanded for release of their salaries lamented that Provincial Minister for Culture and Tourism Sindh was announced to adopt Laar Museum and Haji Ahmed Mallah Library but it was not put into action yet although they were deprived of their salaries from last seventeenth of months consequently their families were compelled of starvation. They demanded for the immediate release of their previous salaries and job regularization.