Jeay Sindh Mahaz observes 22nd death anniversary of Sain G M Syed

SHIKARPUR Apr 24: The 22nd death anniversary of Ghulam Murtaza Shah, known as GM Syed was observed by Jeay Sindh Mahaz [JSM] Shikarpur chapter at Shaheed Qayoom Mangi Chowk, here on Monday.
Ghulam Murtaza Shah alias GM Syed was born on 17th January 1904 at Sann, the area of Dadu district and died on 25th April of 1995, who was a nationalist, political leader, who was known for his scholarly work while he struggled for decades for the political rights of Sindhis.
GM Syed started his life as social worker in 1919 and after passage of three years he started his political career.
In 1940, he became Vice President of Sind Muslim League and is recorded as the first person who presented Pakistan Resolution in Sind Assembly on March 3, 1943.
In 1955 he played active role in the formation of Pakistan National Party during Ayub’s era he remained in jail and set aside from politics.
Mr. Syed was the founder of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, aimed at achieving “Sindhu Desh”.
He was the author of more than four dozen books, with subjects ranging from politics, religion, culture, literature and commentaries on famous poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.
As a political thinker, literary figure and mystic, he dominated the political arena of Pre and Post-Partition era for decades while he remained in jail for decades.
Riaz Ali Chandio, the Chairman Jeay Sindh Mahaz [JSM] Sindh paid rich tribute to Sain GM Syed.
The mystic program was also arranged on the occasion.
Asadullah Soomro, Imran Mangi and other workers were also present on the occasion.

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