Death toll in Thatta boat capsize mounts to 21; several missing

By: Sawan Khaskheli

THATTA Dec 07: Reportedly 21 people dead and several others still missing after a boat carrying religious devotees capsized in a creek near the village of Bohara near to Thatta on Thursday.
Deputy Commissioner Thatta, Mr. Nasir Baig while talking with local media said that boat was carrying at least 60-70 passengers and at least 21 bodies have been recovered and according to local officials these bodies were shifted to the Mirpur Sakro Taluka Hospital.
DC district Thatta has said that more than 15-20 people were rescued and admitted to the hospital in an unconscious state.
Ongoing local rescue efforts were being supported by coordination with military units in the area, however, after sunset rescuers were facing difficulties to continue the search operations even ambulances from Thatta and Sujawal districts were being taken part in the rescue efforts.
It worth mentioning that the passengers were devotees seeking to attend the annual urs celebration of a sufi saint and they are believed to be members of the Dawoodi Bohra community and according to sources that most of the passengers are residents of Karachi.
The DC Thatta said the accident took place as the overloaded boat lost balance and tipped over in a creek 30 kilometers away from Bohara. He added that the boat was carrying passengers travelling to the shrine of Pir Pathai to celebrate a festival.
Other hand, Muhammad Ali Shah, Chairman Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) has said that one boat capsized at the Bohara jetty when boat was over turned as passengers rushed to exit it adding that there were nearly 100 passengers on board at the time. We had received reports of at least 40 bodies being recovered, he added.

The names of  who died in the incident:
Ms. Lalan Nazia 42, Kareem Nisa Jokhio 2, Yasir Maqsood Jokhio 4, Abu Bakar Jokhio, Waziran Jokhio 35, Ahmed Lashari 42, Shabana Panwhar, Hajran Jokhio, Muhammad Ali 35, Nadia Memon 3, Dilawar Jokhio 6, Hanif Mando 30, Yasmeen Babi, Jaweria.