Govt vocational and technical institutes bring no results

By: Sawan Khaskheli

BADIN Jan 19: Govt vocational and technical institutes of Badin brought no results for the youths of Badin. Hundreds staff of the Govt vocational and technical institutes of Badin getting huge salaries at sitting their far-flung towns and cities. Yearly millions budget is being used through undignified way and buildings of the vocational and technical institutes have made derelict along with roofs and walls. Higher ups of technical institutes turned their ears deaf.

According to reports, there are four Govt vocational and technical institutes were made by Sindh Technical & Vocational Training Authority (STVETA) for the career development with technical skills of youths in various market demanded trades. The STVETA has provided the required equipment including Computers, Swing machines, Typing machines and others to the Vocational and technical institutes of Badin and also recruited hundreds staff for facilitation of the youth towards enhancement of their technical skills and expertise. The provided technical equipment and furniture of these mentioned institutes have been made out of order and inoperable & useless due to none of their usage. Sources told that staff of the mentioned technical institutes are using the allocated budget of the crores through undignified ways with share distribution to its higher management and making fake and false documentations for filling up the files and some buildings of these technical institutes are being used as family residence beside to teach the technics. Sources mentioned that budget of these technical institutes have been made sources of the income of the staff and higher ups unless to use for the development of the institutes and enhancement of the skills of the youths of Badin. Govt Vocational and Technical Institutes of Badin have made ineffective & futile and yet brought no any results to the youths of Badin.