Fore-lone heritage, RaniKot requires urgent attention

HYDERABAD Dec. 28: Ranikot Fort, which is believed to be the world’s largest fort,  carries a unique place in the world heritage. Due to its enormous built and resemblance to China Wall it has also been  called “The Great Wall of Sindh”.

It is located in the Kirthar mountain range and is protected under the Antiquities Act 1975. It has also been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993. its circumference is of approximately 26 kilometers. Unfortunately its condition is not something to be proud of. Not a single tourism initiative has been taken so far, no drinking water or food stalls have been launched, while the onslaught of rainwater is ruining the already dilapidated structure.

Visitors crossing the bed of a dried stream as threbridges are left incomplete
Visitors crossing the bed of a dried stream as the bridges are left incomplete

Besides its antiquity, the region is also fossil-rich and there are many opportunities for archaeologists to carry out research in the area.

Due to broken road and incomplete bridges it has almost become impossible for visitors to reach the sites. One has to leave the road and take the rout of streams and cross the bed of streams and little rivers to reach the site as two bridges over streams and rivers are left incomplete.

And this may only be possible  for adventurous people with special arrangements but in case of tourists and visitors with families and children there is only one solution- to go back without visiting this  amazing, historical and cultural heritage.

The government and the authorities concerned must look into the matter, take measures  and  supervise the site’s much-needed restoration to save a historical monument that needs urgent attention.