Disqualified PM failed to get ‘required results’ to pressurize courts: Ayaz Latif Palijo

By: Sawan Khaskheli

MITHI Aug 13: The chief Qaumi Awami Tahreek, Ayaz Latif Palijo said that the move by disqualified prime minister to amend the constitution in the haste would be disastrous for the democratic process in the country. He said it would be very tragic if certain clauses were amended to save the convicts and found guilty of wrong doings.
He said that the deposed prime minister through his ‘ homegoing’ protest rally failed to get its ‘ required results’ to mount pressure on the courts adding he termed it an exercise in futility. He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif again proved himself the leader of GT road by showing his power . He observed that the ousted prime minister should have accepted and honoured the verdict of five-member bench of the apex court instead taking to the streets. He advised the ousted prime minister and other leadership of PML-N to respect the court’s order and complete their term in office. He said looked during the rally that PML-N was not governing the Center and Punjab.
He said that now it was the need of the hour to nab the PPP leaders and bring them before the courts of the law for their involvement in the massive corruption. He also criticized PTI chairman Imran Khan saying that Sindh was not in his agenda and he was playing the No One game instead of doing the real politics.
Addressing the big public gathering to pay homage to Rooplo Kolhi here on Sunday in the high school ground before leading the Mohbat Sindh rally , the QAT chief said the country was again passing through the sensitive phase of its checkered history due to the incompetent and inept rulers, who according to him, during past 70 years never paid heed towards the basic issues of the people living in the miserable condition. He said that the Pakistan of Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah had already been hijacked by the corrupt and the criminals and the people had been dejected by the successive rulers. He said that Thar’s coal reserves if used properly could change the fate of Thar and the rest of the province.
Coming down hard on PPP leadership including Asif Ali Zardari and Sindh government observed that it was the great tragedy of the people of Sindh all corrupt had gathered at one platform to further loot the resources of the people. He said that the massive corruption, nepotism, the deadly projects Zulifiqarabad, Gorono water reservoir in Thar, terrorism, nepotism and loadshedding were among the main issues facing Sindh. Mr Palijo alleged that Asif Zardari was selling the lands of Sindh to Malik Riaz adding he said the duo wanted the whole Sindh turn Bharia Town, which said, would be opposed by all saner elements. He urged the people to raise their voice against the massive corruption and worst governance by PPP government in Sindh. He demanded the genuine concerns of the people protesting against the wastewater reservoir at Gorano be addressed both the mining firm and the concerned officials of Sindh government adding he urged the officials Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company ( SECMC) to fulfill their commitments made with the local people and ensure the transparency in giving the jobs. He said that that the illegal encroachments on the government and the grazing lands be retrieved so that the local people get plenty of the fodder for their animals. Mr Palijo deplored after the unabated deaths of the infants the outbreak of the viral diseases like chikungonya was creating the sense of fear and panic among Tharis. He deplored that money earmarked for providing the health, education and safe drinking water to the people of the desert was being pocketed by PPP leaders and their appointed government officials.

Mr Palijo also paid rich tributes to Roplo Kolhi, the freedom fighter from Nagarparkar region, who had laid his life along with other Kolhis fighting aginst the invading British invading forcing. He said that Rooplo being a man from poor Kolhi community had been neglected by the historians otherwise, he was among those few freedom fighters of sub-continent, who given the toghtest fight to Britishers in the hilly areas of Karoojhar hills. Anwer Soomro, Advocaate Shahnwaz Hingorjo, Ms Zeenat Samoon, Azra Rind and other leaders also spoke on the occasion.