Al-Habash Sheedi Jamait, Karachi Division’s new Cabinet takes Oath

KARACHI May 19: New cabinet of the Al-Habash Sheedi Jamait, Karachi Division headed by the Divisional President Ali Muhammad Sheedi has taken Oath.The oath of the new cabinet was administered by the Central President, Zimam Sheedi who arrived in the ceremony on special visit from the Central Office Hyderabad. Zimam Sheedi was welcomed by Muhammad Hussain Qambrani, the Central Senior Vice President and the President of Al-Habash Sheedi Jamait, Kalri Branch accompanying with the other officials of the Jamait. While addressing during ceremony the Central President Zimam Sheedi has enlighten to the welfare services being delivered by the Al-Habash Sheedi Jamait and Al-Habash Khair-ul-Khalq Foundation throughout Sindh and has also put the examples of unforgettable role of General Hosh Muhammad Sheedi (Hoshu Sheedi) who has sacrificed his life in defending Sindh in a combat against British Army.
Muhammad Hussain Qambrani, the Senior Vice President of the Central Office and the President of Al-Habash Sheedi Jamait, Kalri Branch, during his speech has urged designated persons and the members of Al-Habash Sheedi Jamait to be strictly adherent to the Laws of Land as well as the Constitution of the Jamait believing in the principles of good faith with due diligence and dignity. He has also emphasized upon maintaining brotherhood relationship on equity basis with the other communities of Pakistan so as to strengthen peaceful atmosphere in Pakistan.

The newly elected Divisional President, Ali Muhammad Sheedi has assured to the members of Al-Habash Sheedi Jamait that he and his team will put untiring efforts in working for the welfare of peoples without any discrimination.