PTCL goes offline in Dadu, internet communication interrupted

By:Allah Bux Khushik

DADU Apr 04: The internet system remained off owing to problems in PTCL cable networking in Dadu city. It was the fault of around 5000 land line numbers of citydue to which the communication trugh internet was also greatly interrupted.
According to consumers of PTCL that owing to problem in Telecommunication problems during repairing, the fault has occurred in all land line numbers which has also created problem in internet system.
Talking to The Sind Times an affected PTCL consumer, Jibran Khushik complained that his land line number and internet system was in faulted but PTCL officials were not ready to eradicate the fault and the local PTCL linemen are demanding bribe to make it correct. He said that he had gone to PTCL and Internet office in Dadu but since last three days no one was paying attention to remove the fault. He said that it was fault in 5000 numbers along with communication of internet was closed. He appealed to PTCL senior officials to pay it and remove the fault. Another consumer, Baabar Solangi said that PTCL officials have fixed rate 500 rupees to 600 rupees as bribe to eradicate fault of telephone and internet connections from local cables. He demanded action against corrupt local officials of PTCL and demanded providing of best service of internet and telephone land line numbers.

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