Nawaz Sharif drew six salaries from FZE company in 2013

ISLAMABAD Aug 11: In contradiction to successive claims being made by ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he never received salary from his son’s company Capital FZE, new documents have emerged suggesting that the former premier had been paid salaries for the months of February, March, April, June and July 2013 through the “over the counter” payment method.

Over the counter (OTC) or off-exchange business is done directly between two parties without the supervision of an exchange.

According to a report published by Pakistan Today, Nawaz Sharif received his salary of February 2013 on March 6, 2013 through OTC; salary of March was received on April 10, 2013; the salary for April was received by Sharif on May 7, 2013; salary for May was received on June 11, 2013; salary for June was received on July 1, and salary for the month of July was paid on August 11, 2013.