Elected prime minister of the country sent home dishonoured: Nawaz Sharif

GUJRANWALA Aug 12: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that the elected Prime minister of the country was sent home dishonoured. Addressing a mammoth crowd in Gujranwala he said that conspiracies were being hatched against his government for the previous three and a half years and pledged to make Pakistan a great country. Speaking in regards to the allegations brought against his premiership, he said he did not steal a single rupee.

“Prove the corruption that you say I did,” said Nawaz challenging his opponents and added that once again he was not allowed to complete his tenure.

“I say once again that I have not come here to get myself restored. I have come for the dignity of the country, to get the country’s dignity restored.”

Reiterating his earlier statements from Gujrat, Nawaz said democratically elected prime ministers were never allowed to complete their tenure.

“How unlucky is Pakistan that not one prime minister completed his tenure. There were 18 prime ministers who ruled for a year and a half, while three dictators ruled for 30 years.”

Nawaz also called upon the ones who gave the ruling against him to see the people announcing their verdict.

“When they didn’t find any excuse, they disqualified me for not receiving salary from my son. Do you think it was justified?”

“They only ousted me on paper, but not from the hearts of the people. Tomorrow these people would again elect me as their prime minister.”

The former premier said Pakistan was developing as a nation and industries were being set up, unemployment was being reduced and the country was moving on a path of peace and prosperity.

“But they could not tolerate this. They thought that if Nawaz succeeded, then PML-N would come into power next year.”

Nawaz also thanked the crowd gathered at the venue.

“I want to thank you all for coming here to support me,” said Nawaz.

Referring to his earlier long march for the restoration of judges, he said Gujranwala has always been lucky for him.

Replying to the crowds chants of ‘Nawaz Sharif we love you’, the former premier said he loves Gujranwala too.

Earlier on his arrival, the former prime minister was welcomed by a massive crowd of supporters in Gujranwala on Friday evening, his third day of the journey home to Lahore.

He is expected to spend the night in Gujranwala before moving towards Lahore on Saturday.