Trump’s menace is merely empty threat

Dear Editor: 

Considering the current threats by US president, MR Trump, it reveals as if he is speaking the words of Modi and having his feats to put impediments on the way of world’s most attractive and emerging CPEC. Which has become the cynosure of eyes of entire world. Ignoring the sacrifices of Pakistan, US president who is already famous for his paltry statements, tried to draw the attention of world again. The malicious intentions of Trump will bear no fruit except putting both (Pak & US) onto the path of animosity. US’s slogan of “do more” now should be responded with “no more” and Pakistan should stand up with one voice to realise its sacrifices before world (Pakistan) has already claimed approximately 70,000 lives in the war on terror. Now time has come to review our foreign policy with transforming status by moving from foes to friends. Defeated by Talibans in Afghanistan, now USA wants to put this onus onto the shoulders of Pakistan and wants to hold Pakistan wholly responsible of her loosing war. India’s intervention is conspicuous in Afghanistan in the shape of potent Talibans laden with latest armaments and also in Pakistan in the shape of Kalbhoshan Yadav and many more. This is very crucial time to say no to differences and grudges among ourselves prevailing in past. Time has come when civil-military relations should not be severed at all and should reply America with a resounding slap.
(May peace be abide here).

Ayaz Ahmed Shar


  1. Pakistan is like a goal for everyone to achieve. But they don’t know the powers we have. Unity is important to answer their questions.

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