R.B.U.T Civil Hospital Shikarpur waits for a saviour

Dear Editor,
The R.B.U.T civil hospital Shikarpur founded by the Hindus philanthropists, in 1935, is facing a lot of problems at present. There is no doctor on duty in any ward and even in casualty ward at night; technician and dispensers treat patients carelessly. The poor patients are not given free medicines and even disposable syringes, drip sets, drip cords, urine bags and canola etc but they have to purchase these from private medical stores. The patients with minor medical disorders and injuries are referred to Sukhar and larkana hospitals due to lack of specialist doctors and acute shortage of medicines, medical machineries and facilities.

Regrettably, the specialist doctors such as psychiatrist. Neuro-physician, neuron-surgeon, urologist, and orthopedician have never been posted and for last 3 years there is no general surgeon and cardiologist for treatment of patient in this hospital. 03 out of 04 ambulances are out of order.

We appeal to health department and Chief Minister Sindh to take responsibility of provision of specialist doctors, medicines, ambulances, updated facilities and gadgets to provide quality of healthcare.

Shaikh Abdul Rasheed