Pakistani engineer’s Kidnapping in Sudan and the responsibility of Government

Dear Editor: 

South Sudan is very famous for kidnapping of oil workers, the armed opposition fighters who often demand a million-dollar ransom to ensure the release of the abducted oil workers. Recently, young engineer Aijaz Hussain Jamli has been abducted by Riek Macchar Group,he was working in Dar Petroleum Company’s Palouch Oil field,the Group which has abducted him,is fighting against the government and has already kidnapped two indian engineers last week.The real circumstances of the kidnapping are unclear.Since Sudan has been devastated by civil wars, with tens of thousands killed,killing one another person who not be any matter for such rebel group,the concerned authotries like Chief Minister of Sindh and Ministry of foreign affairs are requested to intervene and address this very important issue. I still remember that fact that I was also selected for same region in one of the companies,but I narrowly escaped going to Sudan; it is very upsetting country for unarmed workers as their sole purpose is to earn a living despite considering hard area.It is requested to to United Nation. Organisation, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chief Minister of Sindh, Ministry foreign affairs, and explicitly to Pakistan Diplomat to Sudan to ascertain the matter on diplomatic levels with Government of South Sudan for safe and early recovery of young engineer whose family is eyeing on his homecoming.

Nasir Soomro