One more breach in trust; IBA qualified headmasters once again on roads


Dear Editor: 

It has been almost two entire years of panic and anxiety and  that we have been suffering from . During which , we have earned bad health , name and pain simultaneously. The useless , baseless and deliberate late has caused great amount of unrest among the highly qualified, industrious and meritorious youth, the backbone of Sindh . History is fraught with numerous examples as such in Sindh where merit has always been bypassed by these mediocre and seasonal stake holders in Sindh province but in our case , they have crossed the limits . It is said that justice delayed is justice denied. Our country is already in mess , faced with many socio- political problems where education seems the only light of optimism but here the government seems no more interested to pay any head to these pensive and grave issues since the issues are related directly to the poor, broken and downtrodden class. However, this is wake up call for all the 1080 qualified HMs , rather families of Sindh to come forward and participate in sit in or peaceful protest on 10th April at Karachi. It should be mandatory for every one to participate in the sit in otherwise, we ll not have anything in our lape except repenting and penitence. Let’s make this protest and sit in final , using full vigor, vitality , potency , sources and channels . We have suffered in abundance so, viral this message via Facebook, twitter, using social media , personal efforts , means make this news , message reach every nook and corner and every affectee by hook or crook in order to ensure the presence and availability of all the affectees. I once again request the CC members, focal persons of all the districts and active people to spread this message in all the districts of sindh , arrange meetings and inform all to be the part in peaceful protest at Karachi. Hope you understand the intensity of issue. This is the only and last chance to highlight the issue , we are faced with.
Zahoor Abbas