Murder of Pakistani student in Australia

I am saddened to hear about a Pakistani petrol station attendant, student, Zeeshan Akbar,who was murdered during an utterly horrific crime spree in Australia by two teenage boys.The lingering question is, what led to this brutal killing, racial discrimination or bigotry or image of Pakistan. As the teen aged murderers are suspected to have links to global militant groups,some suggest there is a possible racial motive behind the attack, this is one of his many incidents of attacks on students from Pakistan studying abroad. Poor students such as Zeeshan leave for western pastures to grab good opportunities and yearn for the betterment of life.It is suffice to say that leaders of Pakistan have tarnished the image of this country due their bad governance,they are playing horrendous game with lives of people like Zeeshan Akbar,he had been prosperous in his own county,he would not have attended petrol station in a foreign land to earn a living and support his study.Leaders of this country are richest,their money is rotting foreign banks,while 38.8% of Pakistan’s population lives in extreme poverty,another reports suggest Pakistan’s new poverty index reveals that 4 out of 10 Pakistanis live in multidimensional poverty.Politicians need to address the real issues of this country and emphasis the need to make rural-centered economic policies to uplift those people who have poor backgrounds,good governance is last hope of this country otherwise we are all going into abyss of darkness.
Nasir Soomro