Mashal Khan murder case

Dear Editor:

During the Middle Ages, Europe was under catostrophic conditions. Under the charges of having heretic motives, anyone could be killed. Mashal Khan indicates some controversial segments of our society. The way he was killed is of inhumane kind.
Take it as an example if the culprits justify themselves as they justified in Mumtaz Qadri case, what value is there of the state institutions? Where is the state writ? State and government have responsibility to maintain law and order situation. The common citizens have no right to take law in their hands. Mashal Khan case openly indicates the intensity of extremism in the minds of Pakistani students. Fundamentalism and extremism have been inculcated in the minds of youth. Thus, these are the results inwhich the state seems failure to tackle occuring of the incidents.
Further, observing the issue on broad level, it can be seen that modern world stands for equality, freedom and liberty. A man has value and respect in the developed societies. Government should keep steps forward to stabilize our country to halt growing wave of extremism. This particular thinking impedes progress of Pakistan as well.
Our youth is going to be feared and depressed by these kinds of brutalities. In this atmosphere one cannot hope of any type of progress. The incident and brutality that took place in Mardan only blurred the image of Pakistan’s enlighten people all the world over. On the one hand Pakistan stands so backward in the field of progress. On the second the brutal incidents pull Pakistan towards deep backwardness. The youth is not able to think over the limits of the recent brutalities. How the modern world is looking over the issue is a question of concern. The message that went to the world through the inhumane incident would definitely deteriorate the image of Pakistan.
In last, there should be pragmatic efforts to stop appearing these types of brutal acts. State and academia should take notice of the mindset that spreads hate. Teachers should prapare students as rational beings. Pakistan can compete the world by producing students having rational and scientific approach. Society can be reformed by combine efforts. The state and civil society is responsible if the youth of Pakistan remains same. Here should be strong measures to tackle the youth of Pakistan.
Kashif Iqbal Baloch