Other cadre teachers of Ghotki want justice


The Honourable Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari


We,the 222 brutally victimized,other cadre Teachers of Ghotki district Ghotki. appeal in your kind honour that we are enthusiastically serving our duties,without salaries for the last 46 months (nearly 04 years) and leading miserable lives.finding no other way of justice. We the badly victimized affectees to redress upon our serious and genuine matter by exclusively knowing the following actual and factual,facts and figures,
1. That,posts were advertised on dated 26.10.2011 and 16.03.2012 through Jang & Kawish news papers.
2. That,last date for submission of application was 20.05.2012.
3. That, 1207 nos of application had received in all cadre.
4, that,seat list of candidate’s were allotted as per receiving their applications.
5. That, DRC had issuesd admit cards to deserving candidates in various cadres.
6. That, two individual committees were framed by this office on 20.04.2012 for conducting the transparent written test,and vigilance to conduct this test,which was held by Education Department in over-all Sindh.
7 that,written test was conducted in various cadres on 29.04.2012.
8. That,notified the name of subject experts for checking the answer copies by this office on 30.05.2012.
9. That,results of written test of candidates through the award list submitted by subject experts in various cadres.
10. That,consolidate result prepared by the committee on the basis of award list which were submitted by subject experts.
11. That, final merit list of all candidates was displayed on notice boar.
12. That,226 offers were issued in various cadres, to the qualified and deserving candidates on pure merit basis.
13.that, All the degrees of successful candidates were got verified from their concerned board / Universities and institutions.
14. That,total 242 vacancies of teaching staff in various cadres,in different middle / high and higher secondary schools were laying vacant,such posts already mentioned in annual budget book from last 05 ye.
15. That total 222 appointment were made in various cadres on pure merit basis,against vacant post were verified from District account officer ghotki from the budget book among the 242 existing clear vacant posts.
16. That,all the 222 newly appointees were allowed their joining duties by their concerned DDO’s
17.that, no any single appointment was made beyond strength /over strength.
18.that,All the appointment was made on pure merit basis,in existing strength.no any need of new budget releasing for salaries of appointment, the same budget of vacant posts was surrounded by Education Department every year,
19. That,all the offer and appointment orders were issued with the approval of chairman of DRC.worthly deputy commissioner ghotki on 07.09.2012.

Worthy sir,despite of fully following the above said process as per service rules of recruitment,we are still deprived of our salaries till today and leading starwing days for the last 4 years.

Sir,whereas the same cadre teaching of same tenure are blessingly entertaining Qamber@ shahdad kot. Mir pur khass,Tandon Allah yar, tando Mohammad khan, dadu,Larkana, Shaheed Benazirabad, kashmore @ kandhkot and Jamshoro expect District Ghotki.

You are earnestly requested to redress upon our genuine appeal to release our 04 years salaries as earlier as possible. So that the uncertainty and inferiority of these affected teachers may come to an end.

Thanks for your kind favour and consideration.

Your faithfully                                                                                                                        Dated 06.03.2017