Dear Editor:

There are many bright humans in United States who are who preach and practice peace; tranquility and call for global coexistence of humans without any race, religion, color and creed, one such person was Pakistani-Sindhi Intellectual, philosopher and scholar Javed Bhutto hailing from humble background of Shikarpur,Sindh, Pakistan,he was callously murdered by Hilman Jordan,a heavy drinker, rowdy and noisy, otutside a convenience store in Southeast,Washington DC,Javed was murdered.

Evidently, America is one of the few countries in the world where these criminals are unhindered access to firearms who resort unleash bloodshed of fellow humans without any mercy. The whole of Sindhi community is numb and saddened after Javed’s murder. But this is not an isolated incident great signer John Lenon was murdered in same circumstances and so many others.It is strange why America has such a soft policy on the buying and selling guns, a total ban on gun use in USA is need of the hour.

But, Sindh will continue mourn loss of such a great teacher, great mind, great intellectual friend who wisely headed Philosophy Department Sindh University.

Nasir Soomro