Offering Namaz regularly can reduce back pain: study March 10, 2017

KARACHI Mar 11: A recent study has brought an amazing fact into the light  that besides hereafter praying five times a day can work miracles for you in this world as well. The study has concluded that owing to the pivotal postures of sujood and ruku during Salah, the problem of lower back pain can be solved by regular five times prayers. Muslims prayer, which is offered five times a day can reduce lower back pain. According to the study, if performed regularly, the postures of kneeling and bowing in the Muslim prayer can cure lower back pain and provide relief to the person who offers prayers.

“One way to think about the movements is that they are similar to those of yoga or physical therapy intervention exercises used to treat low back pain,” said Professor Mohammad Khasawneh from Binghamton University in the US.