Not available children must be administered polio drops: DC Shikarpur

SHIKARPUR Apr 20: The Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur Syed Hassan Raza said in a meeting held at his office on Thursday that polio virus is active in hot weather hence no any children should remain from polio drops while 10668 not available children must be administered within two days of catch-up.
Besides, two polio cases had been surfaced in same season in previous year therefore we will have to hard work, DC said.
Dr Siraj Ahmed the Polio Monitoring In-charge Shikarpur informed the meeting that polio teams of Union Council Amrote Sharif, Jindo Dero, Madeji, Waryaso and Union Council 05 of city Shikarpur have failed to achieve the target.
Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur strictly directed to the concerned union councils’ medical officers to achieve their target within two days.
It is worthwhile to mention here that, the district administration has convinced to the villagers for administering polio drops at village Mehran Bijarani and ensured for reopening the closed school.
It should be mentioned here that, villagers of the village Mehran Bijarani have refused to administer polio drops to their children and sent back the polio team on the first day of ongoing anti polio drive.