IHS staff demand intimidate release of funds

By our correspondent

BADIN May 29: Basic and quality health services provider Organization, Integrated Health Services (IHS) Sindh has been indulged in hard and facing hardship because of lack of funds and even late disbursement of the funds.

According to details basic and quality health service providing oragnization, Integrated Health Services (IHS) Sindh recent has been indulged in hard and hardships because of shortage of funds and no timely disbursement of its funds.

This was apprised by senior staffers of IHS including Kashif Ali Raza, Tahir Abbas, Sayed Israr Ali, Dr. Ashok Thama, Dr. Kosur Mandhro, Ali Hassan Memon and others while holding Press Conference here at Badin Press Club on Tuesday.

In the presser, they maintained that IHS was running the operation of at least one hundred eleven health facilities under Public Private Partnership Initiative with collaboration of health Department, Govt of Sindh at across the province.

IHS senior staffers apprised the local journalists that IHS was operating the management of the six taluka hospitals, four government hospitals, one hundred one rural health facilities in twenty districts of Sindh Province.

“IHS providing technical staff, physicians, OPD, Laboratory tests and other required medical instruments to the targeted health facilities and repairing the old and repairable buildings of health facilities” they added.
They maintianed that through the funding, series of the training sessions were being conducted amid to refresh and enhace the technical experties and skills of deployed medical staff of health facilities aiming to provide the quality and quick health services to poor patients of the area.

Adding they told that heat-stroke corners and gastro units and HIV-AIDS screening centers were also were erected in different districts of Sindh including Rato-Dero district Larkana. They said that eighty two Rural Health Centers and fifty six mother and child Care centers were providing the service on twent-four hours basis.

“587763 general OPD, 2166 normal deliveries, 255 major and 6885 minor surgeries when 32675 general patients were facilitated in the month”, they added in presser.

They deplored that in recent, Integrated Health Services (IHS) was succumbed of the hardships and hards to deal its daily operational matters because of the lack and late disbursement of the funding by Health Department, Govt of Sindh which left the negative affects and creating hurdles in running smoothly matters of the health facilities like shortage of medicines, maintaining the daily operations of patients and timely disbursement of staff salaries.

Adding they said that poor infrastructure of health facilities can create the havoc if these were not maintained within short span of time.
“Deputation of Govt staffers, frequent transfers of medical staff without consultation and earnings of countless long leaves by Govt staffs also were major causes of creating hurdles in providing quick and quality health services”, they added.

They stressed the concerned authorities to take the immediate notice of the matters and release the halted funds on the immediate and prior basis as quality health services to be assured across the province.