Civil society demands to reinstate Husaini Blood Bank operations in Badin

By: Sawan Khaskheli

BADIN Apr 19: Husaini Blood Bank is a distinguished blood bank of Pakistan that collects blood donations, and offers cord blood banking and bone marrow registration and donations to the poor patients. It’s providing Safe Blood and Blood Components, treatment to Thalassemia and Hemophilia Patients, Education of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine and Diagnostic Services in across the country. Husaini has also different diversions including Blood bank, Husaini blood laboratory, Husaini pharmacy, Husaini Thalassemia Centre, Hemophilia Center and The Husaini Institute.

As, donated blood is a life line for the needy patients but infected blood can transmit deadly viral infections like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV to its blood beneficiaries, therefore, blood screening is considered as the backbone of any Blood Transfusion service, in the addressing this issue, Husaini Blood Bank was also equipped with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) screening system which is the most sensitive and specific screening system in the Pakistan so far.

Husaini Blood Bank Badin’s foundation was laid down after number of the efforts by the citizens, district administration and politicians under the MoU with district administration, the foundation stone of Husaini Blood Bank Badin was laid down couple of the years ago. District administration has allotted the Govt plot to Husaini authorities of worth of Rs. 1000 million near Govt Islamia Degree College Badin for running its operation to support the poor patients for the provision of safe blood.

“The Husaini authorities has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with district administration Badin under they are abide to share their progress reports and without any intimation to the district administration they would not be able to close the operation. District administration has taken serious notice of the closure of the blood bank” Imran-ul-Hassan Khawaja, ADC-II added.

Unfortunately, at least two weeks earlier, Husaini Blood Bank Badin’s authorities has closed its all operation of providing the safe blood to the poor and needy patients of Badin and its adjourning areas like Mithi, Tando Muhammad Khan, Thatta and Umar-Kot districts.

The representatives of civil society and political parties and citizens have also condemned the abrupt shutdowns of the operations of the Husaini Blood Bank Badin and demanded to intact and reinstate the operation and support to the poor patients of safe blood provision.

“We are facing difficulties to run the blood bank due to faulty generator and lack if facilities and required machineries. We have informed the current to condition and closure of Husain Blood Bank to the higher management of the Husaini Blood Bank” a Husaini staffer told the media.

The sudden shutdowns of the operations of the Husaini Blood Bank Badin has threatened the thousands lives of the poor patients and brought precious lives onto the stake. The residents of the Badin district has demanded from the higher authorities to take the notice of the closure of the operation of the Husaini Blood Bank and bring it under the inquiry as the operation of the Husaini Blood Bank Badin should be restored soon as possible.