Shaikh Ayaz corner set up at SAU Tando Jam


By: Abbas Kassar

TANDOJAM  Jan 13:  Well-known writers, poets, educationists and literary researchers termed Shaikh Ayaz as a poet of romance and nature. He depicted peace, prosperity and humanitarian approach in his poetry and shared treasure of knowledge through his creation.

The speakers paid a rich tribute to great poet, Ayaz during an inauguration of a corner established after his name at Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tandojam.

The Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam has established Shaikh Ayaz corner by displaying his books and a large number of other books on fiction, poetry, history and different literary aspects for readers.

Leading intellectuals and educationalists, including Mazharul Haq Siddiqui, former Vice Chancellor Sindh University, Dr Beekha Ram, Vice Chancellor Liaquat University of Medical Sciences (LUMS) Jamshoro, Dr Roohi Ayaz, the daughter of Shaikh Ayaz, Dr Mujeebuddin Sahrai, VC SAU and a large number of fiction writers and poets participated in the inauguration ceremony.

The family of Shaikh Ayaz has donated all 6500 books, the entire library of Shaikh Ayaz, to the Agriculture University, which has put these books online for readers and deputed persons to run the important reading room in the university premises.

Mazharul Haque Siddiqi, former vice chancellor of Sindh University and educationist in his concluding remarks accredits Shaikh Ayaz for his contribution as a poet with creative flight, producing various volumes and being a vice chancellor at Sindh University, which is challenging task for anybody who takes this kinds of responsibilities.

He appreciated this initiative of establishing Shaikh Ayaz Corner at the Agriculture University, saying it will earn more recognition with productivity. Because the collection of books on various subjects, displayed at the corner have value and will benefit students and faculty members, besides writers and researchers.

In his message on this occasion, Siddiqi said every child disregard of his background deserves best education, love and respect. He appealed to university faculty members to treat every child equally and offer love to them, specially to those children belonging to economically poor families. The children of low-income family background need justice in terms of getting education on equal basis, he said.

Somebody cannot imagine the potential within the children of discarded families in the society, hence they deserve equal treatment at all levels, the educationist said, getting realised the fully packed auditorium.

Dr Roohi Ayaz, the daughter of Shaikh Ayaz speaking on the occasion shared the memories she spent with her father, who loved books till his last moments of his life. She said her father expressed wish and asked family that after his death they should donate the collection of books to any institute, which will use it for future generations. Following his saying we have donated the entire collection to the Agriculture University, she said.

SAU VC Dr Mujeebuddin Sahrai in his welcome speech accredited the family of Ayaz, which trusted the SAU for donating the valuable collection of books of great author and poet. He said it is the responsibility of entire faculty members and researchers and students to utilise this important room for the cause. He invited researchers in creative literature in Sindh province to come and enjoy reading of books in the library. They will be facilitated here.

He gave tribute to all the legendary people, who done a lot during their lives and left memories for future generations. He also announced to donate collection of his father Taj Sahrai, a renowned archeologists and historian to the SAU for readers and writers.

Dr Beekha Ram, VC LUMS talked medical aspects of nature in the human life, saying nature is best cure of all diseases. He said these poets including Bhitai and Ayaz depicted nature, which always inspire readers. He shared the benefits of nature and appealed to participants to extend love with nature and live healthy. It is visible that we people have destroyed nature and facing its effects.

The LUMS VC urged upon the need of incorporating creative literature in syllabus of professional institutes so the students may learn the importance of nature and aestheticism. He said establishing corners of legendary poets, writers and those who contributed a lot to promote peace and prosperity that should be promoted in professional institutes.

In the starting the program a folk singer Barkat Faqeer performed welcome song of Shaikh Ayaz to greet the participants.

Kazi Khadim, a renowned short story writer also shared experiences of his moments he spent with Shaikh Ayaz, saying it was journey of consciousness, which should continue. “Libraries are living places attracting readers to get knowledge and quench thirst and not graveyards of books. Keep these libraries alive with activities and inspiring readers,” he said.

Noor Ahamad Jhanjhi, author of many books called Ayaz as continuity of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai in terms of spreading a message of love, peace and prosperity. Ayaz had not only created poetry but his diction in prose is also inspiring, he added.

He said Ayaz was humanist poet and depicted the socio economical situation of Sindh with natural beauty. We can see the message of peace he depicted in his poetry for the universe.

Shaukat Shoro, a renowned short story writer, intellectual Inam Shaikh, Prof Ismail Kumbhar, Dr Ibrahim Keerio, Chairman Library, Abdullah Areejo, teaching in SAU, Naz Sahto, a senior journalist and writer and others paid tribute to Shaikh Ayaz and shared the memories they spent with him during his life. They said Ayaz led the political movements and influenced the generations through his poetry. That is why his poetry still reminds the new cadre about the glorious past of poets and creative writers.

Nasir Mirza conducted the session. The event attracted a large number of poets, fiction writers and intellectuals to pay tribute to the great poet of the time.