Propaganda against London Sufi Festival is illogical, full of personal grudge: Akbar Laghari

KARACHI Sep 29: Secretary, Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Department Akbar Laghari has said that absolutely illogical and full of personal grudge. he in his statement issued on social media has further said that it is strange that our many sensible people are opposing Sufi Festival at London and they have unleashed a propaganda campaign against the department and the Minister Syed Sardar Shah. Their arguments are absolutely illogical and full of personal grudge. They say this money be spent on civic facilities, they are advised to ask those departments who are responsible for providing these facilities who have ten times more budget than culture department. London is an International cultural capital where programs from different countries are held regularly. A lot of Sindhi and other communities of Pakistan are living there. its high time that Sindhi sufi culture show its presence in London, and for this purpose, the budget has been sanctioned by Sindh Assembly. As per the directives of Worthy minister Sardar Shah, each penny is being spent prudently. With the help of Sindhi Association of Europe, we got the auditorium and accomodation on cheaper price. Only selected artists are going, their stay will be only for four days. The officials have only been provided tickets and accommodation for four days. Not a single penny is being spent on private persons, however, they are welcome on their own expenses.

This is the mandate and duty of the department to promote culture of Sindh for which department has done remarkable job since the inception of Sardar Shah as a minister. Only blind can not see activities but some of them are mentioned here just to spruce their memory:
International Sufi Conference, International conference on Mohen jo Daro, Theatre festivals at Karachi, Hyderabad and Larkana, Folk festival, Thar Festival, Art festival, Craft (Ralli) festival, Seminar on classical Music, mushairas, anniversaries of writers and singers and etc.

One good news is that, their negative campaign has turned to be in favour of the Sufi cultural even in London in a way that everyone in Europe, America and UAE have come to know about the program. Friends from different countries are going to join the event and Inshalla, on 7/10/17, the world will see little Sindh in London.