Kiyani calls for joint efforts to improve educational facilities

By: Maqsood Soomro

SUKKUR, Nov 14 (By: Maqsood Soomro)— Renowned educationist, Principal and Administrator of the New London Cambridge School, Sukkur, Rubina Ramzan Kiyani on Tuesday called for joint efforts to improve educational facilities in remote areas with a view to socioeconomic development of the region.
Talking to the Sindh Times, Ms Kiyani, who is also the Vice President of the Private School Association observed that lack of education, was the major cause of backwardness of the tribal elders. She noted that youth developed negative tendencies owing to absence of education facilities.
She stated that most of the schools lacked staff and other basic facilities. She asked parents to enroll their children in schools and keep a close watch over their activities. She called upon the local lawmakers and elders to play their due role in improving the condition of educational institutions.
To a question, she said in a country with a population of over 180 million (the sixth most populated country in the world), and a near breakdown of the public education system (from primary to the university level), it was only natural for the private sector to fill the vacuum.
She said the success of private schools is not merely failure of public-sector schools, but also the failure of Pakistani curricula and examination boards, adding that it is imperative to develop an alternative examination board, nationally, in addition to the boards of intermediate and secondary education on a divisional level.
Ms Kiyani said all the private schools must subscribe to the examinations conducted by this alternative board, even if they follow British or American curricula. There is also a need to develop new qualifications, which must be taken up by the students of private schools, she maintained.