It is time to raise education standard. Altaf Malkani

Hyderabad Jan. 31: Cheating in examination has brought us back into the stone age and if we did not open our eyes we will not only be lagged behind but also  not keep our nationhood and if it happened the next generation will not forgive us. These were the concluding remarks of  Altaf Malkani  ,a renowned author and  scholar who was addressing the seminar on The Causes of Deterioration of Education in Sindh. The Seminar was arranged by The Education Foundation in a local hotel. He said that the political influence in the recruitment of teachers has also been the cause of deterioration of the standard of education and now it is the time that we should stand against such maltreatments in the field of education. The seminar was also addressed by Anwer Ali Roshan,  famous artist Hussain Chandio and others.