You are the one I love the most

By: Zubair Ahmed Laghari

[ Zubair Ahmed Laghari is a lecturer in English at Government Collage Kali Mori Hyderabad.]

You are the one I love the most,
You are the one I love the most,
Love me, hug me and kiss my soul.
The love between you and me is Divine!
Up above the firmament reach I pine,
You are the object to remember the Divine!
Give me thy pain and shine my love,
Since thy love I tasted, drink no more wine.
Listen to me, listen to me O goddess!
Without you, my existence is a shrine.
Tell me what departs me from you?
You are the belief, and existence of mine.
I crave for your body, no it’s no truth!
My love will transcend the soul of thine.
Love me, don’t hate me or kill me if you can!
The sweet death with beloved’s hands, or else be mine.
For ever, and ever, and ever……..