The world is rapidly growing towards multipolarity

By: Wajahat Abro

[The writer is a freelance columnist and an aspirant to CSS examination from Shikarpur.]

In today’s developing world, the relationship between China and Russia has kindled the aflame of new world order. The heartily and friendly collaboration of both countries has proved warmest-ever seen before. No doubt, such a strategic relation has properly triggered the US imperialism. The US, which is now in a zig-zag condition, has been putting its all power to ruin the relation between China and Russia. On the contrary, China-Russia affiliation is rapidly increasing through exchanging energy and arms deals.
Currently, the US is in unipolarity but China and Russia have long been striving for making the world in multipolarity. To convert the world into the new world order, China has initiated the most significant economic projects including; One belt, One Road (OBOR) and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to connect with the world to be world economically powerful nation.
Similarly, Russia has been heeding towards economically advanced state. The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) project is one of the Russia’s biggest economic deal. Besides, Russia has shown a desire to connect its economic project with CPEC. It would truly strengthen the economical structures of both countries.
In fact, it is rightly depicted by the world’s economical expects that by the successful completion of China’s and Russia’s projects, the world would lead towards the new world order. No doubt, both emerging powers of the world could destroy the US imperialism and convert the world into multipolarity.