Women give birth on streets, babies die, who is to be blamed ?

By: Waheed Phulpoto

A woman gave birth a baby girl in Chigchi Rickshaw at main gate of Anwar Paracha Government Hospital Sukkur, and new born baby was died in the arms of her mother in Chigchi Rickshaw and they pleaded the staff of the Anwar Paracha to have Oxygen, but they advised them to go Civil Hospital Sukkur for oxygen and other medical facilities some two days back.
According to reports, a woman named Ms Hameeda, wife of Nawab Jogi, resident of Dargha Bhudhal Faqeer in Shikarpur district, some 15 km off from here, went to Civil Hospital Shikarpur for pregnancy, but Civil Hospital Shikarpur administration referred them to Sukkur Hospital due to non-availability of Gynecologist doctor at hospital the then they hired a Chigchi Rickshaw and went to Taluka Hospital Lakhi Ghulam Shah, but Lakhi Ghulam Shah Hospital administration also advised them to go Sukkur for delivery, due to non-availability of Gynecologist doctor at hospital and then they started traveling to Sukkur on same Rickshaw at scorching heat.
Ms Hameeda born a baby girl at main gate of the Anwar Paracha Government Hospital Sukkur and due to scorching heat newly born baby girl was faced hardship for taking breath, on it, the heirs of the baby girl pleaded for Oxygen gas from the duty staff of Anwar paracha Hospital, but they said that they have no oxygen gas and advised them to go Civil Hospital Sukkur without giving them Ambulance, the heirs of newly born baby started traveling to Civil Hospital Sukkur, but unfortunately newly born baby girl was died on the way to Civil Hospital Sukkur.
Talking to media persons, Medical Superintendent Anwar Paracha government hospital, Dr Iqbal Siddique said that the affected woman has given birth to a baby girl before reaching at Hospital while Dr Aftab examined the newly born baby girl and offered them to take their baby girl to Civil Hospital Sukkur through Ambulance, but the heirs of deceased baby girl refused such offer and said that we have their own Rickshaw.
Medical Superintendent Civil Hospital Sukkur, Dr Abdul Aziz Memon told local journalists that we have 10 ventilators while I have listened to about the death of new born baby that she has died through media while the affected family could not reach at Civil Hospital Sukkur and the heirs of deceased baby girl went back their home town from where.
After the death of newly born baby, the provincial minister Health Sikandar Mandhro and Secretary Health Sindh took the notice and summoned detailed report regarding the death of newly born baby.
According to reports, The Commissioner Sukkur Abbas Baloch reached at Anwar Paracha Hospital and gathered information about the death of newly born baby.
Speaking to the journalists, the father of deceased newly born baby girl, named Nawab Jogi demanded of the high ups to lodge a case against doctors and termed it negligence and poor performance of the doctors as well as health department.
Civil Society of Shikarpur including Zahid Bhanbhro, Asghar Pahore, the Chairman Shikarpur Bachayo Tehreek, Zafar Channa, Naveed Alam Abro, Meer Asadullah Khan Phulpoto and other strongly condemned such incident and urged of the higher authorities to improve the performance of the government hospitals and deploy Gynecologist at Hospitals for larger interests of the people.