Woman be given a chance to live life

By: Urooj Khan

“It is a girl” these words bring a chaos for majority of people in this male dominating society. The society which decides the fate of a girl before even her birth, a society which makes up its mind that a girl is not more than a source of disgrace for it; if they fail to kill her before her birth.
Majority of abortions in our country takes place because of gender revelation in pregnancy.Here, the question arises is  how can you decide her misfortune without even giving her a chance to survive?
Even if she survives and enters this world, it leads to divorce and mourning in families. After this for the rest of her life she is labelled to be ill fated. Everyday, she has to sacrifice her desires, every hour she has to kill her feelings and every minute she has to kill her dreams. Why? because her fault is that she is a girl. Once disgraced by her father and brothers, she is disrespected by her husband and sons for the rest of her life. She devotes all her life to these men to hear a few loving words at the end of the day.
All she gets in the end of the day are those words of love and respect after she dies. Those words which she died to hear everyday. But this story is repeated everyday and a girl is not killed before her birth her soul is murdered each day. But wait, in all this scenario, we forget that woman is the strongest of all creations. Otherwise, who else can live a life like this. When will the time to think over this matter the time to give her a chance to live her feelings to fulfill her desires and to make her dreams real. She needs optimal attentions instead of sub optimal attention towards her!