Ustad Bukhari, the poet of all times

By: Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti

Ustad Bukhari who is generally called the poet of the people and there is no doubt in it that he was the poet of the people because he always reprented the feelings of common folk in his poetry, but we cannot confined Ustad Bukhari’s poetry to any particular field as he is among some of the poets of the world who had universality in their creative work.
He was a professor and passed his whole life in sharing knowledge and then whatever he learnt through his wast experience and careful observation reflected back in his poetry. He was a man of letters and a down to earth poet.

he always kept truth and beauty on priority and never thought about the consequences whether it will annoy the rulers of the time or agitate the local high ups. without keeping any slightest fear in his mind he said whatever he thought right and as per his conscience.

To love one’s motherland and to support one’s fellowmen are natural instincts and ustad was also well saturated with the feelings of love of Sindh, his motherland and its people. He write about the atrocities of the mighty land lords and problems of the poor. That is why he is remembered as the poet of truth and beauty.