Thar turns lush green after rains

By: J R Junejo

Thisty land of Thar got shower of rain! Children are playing with wet sand. There is hope for prosperity in eyes of Thari people. Farmers are busy in ploughing fields, though crops grown in Thar need 3 to four showers with space 20 t0 25 days but people have hope for best and they have started sowing seeds.

After rain shower Lush green shrubs and wild grass have covered hills, plains and desert area in the wake of widespread torrential rains across Tharparkar region

Huge crowds of tourists from different areas of the province are seen visiting the hills of Karoonjhar, Jain temples, Gaddi Bhit in Mithi town and other places especially during weekends.

Innumerable big and small streams have started flowing downhill towards dams and Rann of Kachh which have added to the natural beauty of the desert, making it picture-perfect.’