Rao Anwar on the run

By: Vasdev Hemnani 

Until lately, the efficiency of the Sindh police remained hostage at the hands of criminals, rapists, thieves and so on. But nothing of them compares to the classic helplessness of the police by former SSP Malir Rao Anwar.

On 27 January, during Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud’s extra judicial killing case proceeding the Chief Justice demanded the recovery of Rao Anwar under the deadline of three days. At first three days sounded more than enough time to trace the accused but 10 days after the deadline was outlived, the police apparently seems to stand at the same standstill where it was 13 days ago. The whole police force of Sindh is after him but not a hair of Rao Anwar has been traced.

Pouring pepper on already demoralized police force’s wounds he stated that the house police have sealed in Islamabad was sold by him 25 years ago. This is gross humiliation. To say that with every sunset his inaccessibility is becoming challenge for state institutions would be an understatement. By tossing such statements he is rather making mockery of all tasked to catch him.

According to some analyst, police’s inefficiency alone can’t be hold accountable of him being safe and sound yet away from the grasp. They have another side of the coin to tell us.

One version of his untouchablity they give us is that his fall of fortune is inter-linked with those providing him safe heavens as asylum where no state institution is mandated to raid-at least think twice before doing so.

If this side of the story is to be entertained then reaching to Rao Anwar seems more like a distant dream, as far as the foreseeable future is concerned.

It is not hard to draw the sketch of this conclusion is it? If the inability of the police is aided by the backing of influential figures what else we can make out of it?