PPP likely to set new precedent on 18 Oct


By: Sanan Ali Khaskheli

Karsaz incident would stay in our hearts and minds ever, in entire life and would take us back once in the year towards the 18 Oct when hundreds stalwarts of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) while giving sacrifices of their lives over their beloved leader BB Shaheed while protecting her from the terrorism.
This was a time, when Shaheed BB announced to return back to homeland on 18 October 2007 to prepare for the 2008 General Election after almost 08 years of her exile in Dubai and London propagated by the dictator of the time, General retired, Parwaiz Musharraf. Hundred of the thousands lovers, workers and supporters assembled at Shahrah-e-Faisal to welcome their beloved and charismatic leader.

Meanwhile, bunch of the criminals came out from their hidden hideouts and started to tame down the lovers by using their bad perilous tricks called bomb-blasting. Hundreds of lovers and supporters cordoned on the vehicle of BB Shaheed and laid the sacrifices of their lives for her safe-journey to homeland.

Chairman, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari since that, at every year pays rich homage to the martyred of 18 October (Jan-e-Nisar of Shaheed BB) at different vicinities amid to pay rich tribute to martyred of the Karsaz Incident (KI).

18 October 2017, is a special day to the lovers and a lot supporters of young and heroic leader, chairman PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, when their leader will be among them to address the world community and pay the rich accolade to the Jan-e-Nisar of Shaheed BB.

This is an honor to us and all, when young audacious leader, Chairman, PPP, will address his lovers, workers, supporters, whole nation and world community from the hype of Hyderabad in our massive presence.

The party senior leadership including Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, president PPP, Sindh province and Senator Aajiz Dhamrah, Info Sec: PPP while paying visits of various districts, had conducted numerous meetings with party workers and supporters where they were astonishing to observe the enthusiasm of the people of Sindh which seems much more than the expectations posed.

By the analysis of the incalculable public meetings and gathering, it can easily be guessed that the public participation in the public gathering to be held on 18 Oct and addressed by Chairman PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will set new precedent of its era of the history.

However, feeling our own responsibility, we need to be more careful in identifying our space and play role to make record of the history of the public Jalsas which were held in the past and we are more passionate to listen our leader from the heart of Hyderabad.