Pakistan Army: A reality

By: Maemuna Sadaf
Critics of Pakistan army say, it consumes 80% of the budget and do nothing. To judge this statement let’s take a look at facts and figures. Last year, Pakistan Army is one of the lowest budget consuming army.
Fortunately or Unfortunately Pakistan’s geographical position makes this country one of the important country. Hence, it has more enemies than any other country. Pakistan is facing internal and external security threats. Along with super powers, even Muslim countries like Afghanistan is showing debauched intentions against Pakistan. On the other hand, India is the first and foremost enemy. Pakistan has 3600 km active border including the highest battlefield of “Siachen”
Terrorism in Pakistan has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon. Pakistan has played a vital role in war against terrorism which is much discussed in several countries.  Thousands of people have been killed due to terror attacks since beginning of this war on terror. Pakistan is facing internal and external threats as India is continuously violating International borders. Cross border firing is killing people from both sides. To protect country, Pakistan Army is making new advancement in technology every single day.
Along with these external threats there are internal threats as well. In the different area of country, law and order situation is unsatisfactory. Pakistan army is fighting against militants in north and criminals in the south. In Balochistan, foreign funded personnel started so-called “freedom movement”. People of Balochistan do not support this movement and want to live as a part of Pakistan. In Karachi criminals had created unrest whereas in areas like Swat and Wana militants are fighting to take over the writ of Government. Pakistan army has conducted various operations to maintain law and order situation in the country. The details of army operations are as under:
• Operation “Rah-e-Haq” in Swat valley and Shangla District (2007).
• Operation “Rah-e-Haq II” in Swat valley and Shangla District (2008).
• Operation “Sirat-e-Mustaqeem” in Khyber Agency (2008).
• Operation “Sher Dil” jointly launched with Frontier Crops in Bajaur Agency (2008).
• Operation “Rah-e-Haq III” in Swat Valley and Shangla District (2009).
• Operation “Black Thunder Storm” in Buner, Lower Dir, and Shangla District (2009).
• Operation “Brekhna” in Mohmand Agency (2009).
• Operation “Rah-e–Rast” commonly known as Swat Operation (2009).
• Operation “Rah–e-Nijat” in South Waziristan (2009).
• Operation “Zarb-I-Asb” in North Waziristan and Pak-Afghan Border (2014).
Presently Operation “Radd-ul–Fasaad” launched in February 2017 across the country. The operation aims at indiscriminately eliminating the residual/latent threat of terrorist consolidating gains of army operations made thus far and further ensuring the security of borders. Pursuance of National Action plan will be a hall mark of this operation.
Pakistan Army and other security agencies are hinged to fight against terrorism and incorporation of National Action plan completely. National Action plan will be incorporated only if every accused regardless of association is penalized.
Besides these army operations, Pakistan Army is the first rescuers in each and every natural disaster. All those who blame Pakistan Army are unaware of the ground realities. These so called liberals are silly friends who are more harmful than enemies. If common men don’t trust their army, they cannot serve country alone. We trust our army and stand with them in every chore of serving nation.