My dear homeland !

By: Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti

Land of Sindh, my dear homeland
Land of love, peace and harmony
Where people knew not hatred, and
Lived with sodality ‘nd symphony

Where the poets wished for all mankind
Peace and progress and support and solace
Nobody nuisance and nobody unkind
Nothing biased and nobody lawless

Land of brave and bold and nice
Land of pure with thoughts upright
A virtuous vally without any vice
Where might not right, right was right

Alas enchanted by hellers and haunted
Ravaged all rituals healthy and humane
who knew not love and were all daunted
From the foriegn lands, all unfair insane.

We are ashamed, dear homeland
We are nomore on the path of the pure
Turned into viewers and watchers strand
Without warm soul and insight obscure