Knifeman in Karachi and helplessness of police

By: Fayaz Ahmed Chandio

Since last three weeks shadows of fear have been continuously wondering over the citizens of Karachi. More than fifteen incidents of knife attacks on females been reported in the area of Gulshan – E- Iqbal. The residents of the affected area are under the mental pressure of uncertain situation, they can neither leave their routine work and nor in the position to take the risk of what has been happening outside. It’s dramatic and turning like Hollywood serial killer movie scene, “a man attacks the innocent ladies and disappears like a hallow man in the air within seconds leaving behind bleeding victim. Though the patterned crime incidents were reported from western society in past but in Pakistan specially in Karachi it’s one the unique way of crime which is neither political nor sectarian but patterned attacks on the females with knife randomly. Analyzing the situation as a member of this society It can be figured out, Either the killer is one of the member of any organized gang or having the psychological issues and giving back what he received from the society. Unfortunately the nation is expanding in numbers and similarly industrialization and urbanization rapidly increased but unfortunately the cultural and ethical values touched down the bottom line of the graph. Nowadays, one the trending activity among youth of this generation is to earn fame over the night by doing such illegal and immoral activities without pondering over the consequences their act on individuals and society.

Apart from this, whatever the reason behind these attacks are but it’s off course a big question mark over the performance of Karachi police, a killer has been continuously targeting the public and police is still clueless about the criminal, though police claimed to arrest few suspects for face saving. The most interesting part is the multiple and contradictory statements of police and ministers reported on media, which itself indicates the efficiency and understanding level within the departments and political figures in power. One of the ex minister home minster called it the conspiracy against CPEC, which does not make any sense.

The voice has been raised on multiple platforms by Civil Society and leading political parties of Karachi, the locals are also raising the voice and demanding to catch –up the culprit knife along with the head in helmet.

Meanwhile police claimed to have been taking measure to catch the accused through geo-fencing and probing the suspects who has been arrested. The statements of High official of Sindh police , worth appreciating towards the issue not to leave any stone unturned. The ground realities utter the question over the security of residents and performance of Karachi police who is clueless and culprit with knife is still wondering in the city who should have been behind the bars.